About Us - Research and Diagnostics

Don Cooper Ph.D.

Dr. Don Cooper is co-founder and President with expertise in Neuroscience and neuropharmacology. Dr. Cooper has published 45 peer reviewed papers on the brain motivation/reward system and is an expert on Cannabinoid signaling.  He is Principal Investigator on Clinical Research focusing on the Neurobiology of cannabinoids in brain function, injury, autism and seizure disorders. He has patents in Smart diagnostics and  Cannabinoids in seizure disorder.  He has developed methodology that allows quantification of stress immunodiagnostic using mobile devices.  He has been awarded several grants from the NIH, Bill and Melinda Gates Phase I and II Grand Challenge Explorations award for over 3 million in grant funds and develop innovative new technologies in diagnostics.  Don Cooper Ph.D. regularly volunteers his expertise for those suffering with mental health and neuropharmacology questions about medications.

Xichun(Mark) Zhou Ph.D.

 Xichun(Mark) Zhou, Chief Science Advisor, obtained his Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry in 1994. Since then, he has devoted his carrier in developing scientific instrument for life science research and In Vitro Diagnostic test. He has served as Principle Investigator for more than fifteen of federal funded research projects. Dr. Zhou is the founder and Chief Scientist of Vitan-Biotech LLC that specializes in developing and manufacturing Lateral Flow Immunochromatography based In-Vitro diagnostic test for infectious diseases.   .

D.J. Vegh

DJ Vegh is Director of Engineering and Design. He is the brains behind the patented Lab-on-Wire cable-drive sensor platform.  He is a licensed pilot and has an extensive background in aerial image acquisition and processing, unmanned aerial vehicles (i.e. drones) design engineering and development, rapid prototyping, marketing, production/assembly and manufacturing.